You Can Suck Sometimes… And Still Be Persuasive. Just Like TV

You Can Suck Sometimes… And Still Be Persuasive. Just Like TV

I don’t watch a lot of television. There’s just a few shows I like. My favorite right now is “This Is Us.” Do you watch it?  The first two episodes hooked me. The drama, characters, everything was great. I still watch it religiously. I must admit, though, some of the recent episodes are not as good as the earlier ones. There’s been a few disappointments during the latter portion of the fifteen episodes.

One of the wicked powerful things about weekly television is that you don’t have to be great every time. Hook your audience on those first few episodes and they’ll keep coming back. They’ll crave that powerful release of feel good chemicals that a great story delivers.

Of course, if you fail to deliver too many times you’ll start losing your audience. We all have our thresholds where we say enough.

Here’s the thing. Each time you deliver, you win a little bit of goodwill for that one time you strike out.

Greatness Not Necessary

What holds true in entertainment also holds true in communication with your prospects and customers. You don’t need to deliver mind blowing experiences every email, letter or communication. Sometimes good is good enough. You can even get away with a dud. Your favorite show may sneak in a boring episode but you stick with it anyway., right?

Shouldn’t we strive for greatness all the time? Sure. I do. Sometimes I miss. Sometimes my message fails to resonate. The key is that I do it daily. I accumulate enough wins that the occasional dud doesn’t derail me.

Why We Fail To Communicate

So, what’s this rant all about? There’s one reason why we fail to communicate enough with customers and prospects. Our stuff is never ready. We feel the need to perfect it before we send it to the masses. That used to be my problem. I was never ready. I was a perfectionist. Good enough didn’t cut it.

In September I made the decision to publish daily. I gave up on the idea of perfect. I got good at writing interesting and useful articles in 500 words. Forcing myself to hit publish even though I knew it wasn’t perfect was hard at first. It got a little bit easier each day.

Sometimes I go back and look at my earlier stuff.  I find all sorts of changes I wish I had made before I publish. Once in a while I’ll make a change if I publish on another venue.

I doubt anyone else cares though. Nobody’s ever complained to me over a misplaced comma or dangling modifier.

Get good at being great. You don’t need to be perfect.

Provide something interesting and useful. Don’t worry about life changing.

Once in a while you’ll deliver a wow. If you’re always waiting for perfection they’ll never get either.


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