The Only Shortcut To Persuasion That Really Works

The Only Shortcut To Persuasion That Really Works

I sometimes get asked for shortcuts. Mastering persuasive writing or copywriting takes practice and lots of it. That said, I have a story for you that reveals a real shortcut. A shortcut you can put into practice now.

Here goes:

I’m a terrible sleeper. I typically sleep about six hours. I’ve never slept eight hours straight in my entire life!

At my last checkup my doctor asked me how long I’ve had trouble sleeping. “Oh, about thirty or so years.” I told him

He ran through the list of usual cures. I’ve tried everything. Nothing works consistently. This past week I struggled through one of my insomnia bouts. I wake up after about four hours and then can’t go back to sleep. I feel like crap the next day.

Last night I finally broke the cycle and got a good night sleep. I tried a new bedtime routine and it seemed to help.

To you, I’m probably just a typical guy who struggles with sleep. To a marketer of sleep enhancing products, I am the equivalent of hitting the jackpot at a Vegas slot machine. I’m the starving artist who shows up at a six dollar all you can eat buffet. Everything looks yummy.

Famed copywriter Gary Halbert said many years ago:

Find A Starving Crowd”

Here’s why that’s important:

Let’s pretend you sell sleep enhancing products. It could be pills, info-products, masks, whatever. Find the average person on the street and try and sell your product.

First, you may need to convince them of the importance of sleep. Then, you need to hold their interest while you persuade them that they need more or better sleep. Let’s suppose you’re successful. Now, you need to sell them on the benefits of your product. Finally, you need to close them. You  must convince them of the urgency to take action now.

Those are the basic steps in its simplest form. It’s also why a 2% conversion rate on a marketing campaign feels like a victory.

Just Show Me The Buy Button

I’m the perpetual insomniac. I constantly try new things to improve my quality and quantity of sleep. Each time I hope to finally strike gold. It never happens but I’ll keep trying. I’m the starving crowd for insomnia cures.

What do you need to do to sell me?

Just tell me you have a product that helps people sleep better. I’ll try it. No persuasion required. Spare me the rhetoric and show me the buy button.

When it comes to getting better sleep, I’m the starving crowd. 

Someone who hasn’t eaten in two days won’t get nit-picky if offered a loaf of bread. They won’t care if it’s not 100% whole wheat. Nor will they inspect the ingredients for traces of a chemical. They just crave the damn food. 

That’s how I am with things that help me sleep. I’m desperate for something that will work. I don’t care about the nuances of how it works.

And that’s the shortcut. Find a crowd that is desperate for what you sell. Find the insomniac desperate to sleep better.

 If it’s a shortcut you desire, the starving crowd is as good as it gets.


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