The Crossroads Close

The Crossroads Close

Last night started like any other night. At 10 PM I started my pre-bedtime routine. I filled the coffee machine with water. I took out the grinder and coffee beans.

That’s when it happened. The moment that threw our night into chaos.

No more coffee filters! Now what?

Mild panic ensued until I remembered we have one of those permanent coffee filters. A quick search revealed nothing. Did I only imagine we had one of those?

We were at a crossroads. Do we give up and sacrifice our morning coffee? Do we do a full-on search while we tear the house apart? I could picture empty cabinets, stuff strewn about the attic and storage areas in ruins. Plus, it was late. Sleep was foremost on my mind.

We decided to go for it.

I got a flashlight and checked every crevice of our storage areas. My wife tore apart our kitchen looking for it. We purged every pot, pan and dish from the cabinets. Finally, my wife found it. Crisis avoided.

Every major decision comes at some sort of crossroads. In plain speak, it’s an unavoidable decision that will yield far-reaching consequences. Yes, I’m including our decision to look for a coffee filter as a “major” one.

The “Crossroads” Close

The crossroads close provides you a simple yet effective method of getting your prospect over that final bit of inertia.

How does it work?

Let’s suppose you’ve done a good job of presenting your case. Now, you get to the moment of truth. The close. How do you get your reader over that last bout of sloth and motivate him to take action?

Paint your reader as if he’s at a crossroads. He’s at a crucial decision point of his life. Turn left and reap the rewards of whatever you sell. Turn right and continue on your current path of whatever problems you currently face. Keep in mind the second half of the definition of crossroads. The decision must have far-reaching consequences.

The Linchpin That Makes The Magic

That’s really the key to making this work. Let’s pretend I say no to your offer today but still possess the ability to say yes next week. That’s hardly far-reaching. However, if I say no today and never get the chance again, that raises the stakes.

In some situations it could be that staying your current course might push you beyond the realm of help. That’s another form of far-reaching consequences.

Maybe you don’t know what your crossroad close is for your product, service or idea. That’s okay. It’s worth sitting down and thinking about it. Even if you don’t use this technique, being able to articulate the consequences of saying no to your offer will help you in your persuasive efforts.


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