Nothing Like A Good Hike To Cleanse Your Mind… And Remind You To Ask For The Sale

Nothing Like A Good Hike To Cleanse Your Mind… And Remind You To Ask For The Sale

There’s nothing like a good hike to cleanse your mind of all the crap it accumulates. As the cleanse takes its course bold, creative and life changing ideas flow.

This is why so many of us love nature walks, hiking and other physical activities. It relieves our brains of junk and fills it with dreams. We finish the activity with a feeling of momentum at our backs. Momentum feels good. It makes us feel unstoppable. It’s like getting that pep talk that has you jumping out of your skin to tackle an adventure.

There’s just one problem with momentum. It’s fleeting. I’m less than two hours from finishing my hike and not even a remnant of that momentum remains.

The Problem With Momentum

The same thing happens when you attend an inspiring seminar, conference or training. Everyone feels like they can take on the world during the event. We partake in hypnotic “I believe” chants. We pat each other on the backs. Give hugs. We leave with moon shot goals.

Yet, by the time we roll out of the parking lot that feeling disappears. Back to the real world.

Can We Make That Feeling Last?

I don’t know how to sustain that feeling indefinitely. I’ll leave that for someone else to figure out. I do know that we we need to take advantage of it while it’s there.

What’s more interesting to me is that we can create that feeling of momentum in others through our persuasive writing. Like a good hike, that feeling dissipates fast. I hate this cliche but we need to strike while the iron is hot.

Don’t Be Cruel

The best marketers I know sell in every email. They sell in every communication to their customers. Why? Because if something they write motivates their reader they know that motivation will disappear the second their attention goes elsewhere.

Won’t I Seem Pushy?

That’s a common fear people have when selling. Here’s the thing. Do you believe your product or service will change the life of your prospect? If so, why would you withhold it from them? That seems a bit more cruel to me than trying to sell them. If you sell junk that holds zero value, well maybe you should stop selling it altogether.

It’s hard enough to generate the I gotta have this now emotion. We know the challenge in sustaining those emotions. Take advantage of it while it’s there. Sell them when they’re jumping out of their seat to buy. Once that momentum fades, you may not get another chance.



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