I Finally Downloaded An App I Resisted For So Long

I Finally Downloaded An App I Resisted For So Long

Do you know what it feels like to battle traffic every day? It frustrates the heck out of me. A colleague of mine lives in the same town as me. I often complain to her about the traffic. She keeps telling me to get the app WAZE. The app helps drivers find the best route to a destination. It guides you away from the heaviest trafficked roads. Several friends and colleagues praise it as the most helpful app in their lives.

I take them at their word. Stubborn as I am, I refuse to get on board.


I keep asking myself that question. It takes one minute to download the app. It costs nothing. There’s almost no hurdle to overcome to start using it, except maybe one.

The Comfort Zone Trap

It takes me out of my comfort zone. When I drive to work I take the same route every single time. That gives me a sense of control. Putting my hands in WAZE means I sacrifice that control. It means each morning I face a new unknown. Does that sound absurd? It does to me, now that I talk it out.

As marketers, business owners or salespeople we puzzle over prospects like this.  They refuse to buy even though they crave what we offer. We know they need what we sell. They agree they need it. We remove all the hurdles. We provide all emotional and logical reasons. They still refuse to pull the trigger.


The same reason I refuse to exploit the benefits of WAZE.

The 3 C’s

The three “C’s” refers to why we refuse to take that last step when all other hurdles have been removed.

The comfort of a common (familiar) thing gives us a sense of control.

I take the same (common) route to work every day.

The familiarity of the same routine gives me comfort.

That comfort gives me a sense of control over my life.

Here’s the thing.

My reasoning makes no sense. By sticking to the same route, regardless of traffic conditions, I sacrifice control. I let the traffic control me. By giving up just a bit of control to WAZE, I gain more of it back by taking the most efficient route.

Overcoming The 3 C’s

My little story also demonstrates how to overcome this quirk in human behavior. I talked out the reality. Now, I realize how silly it is to resist.  I just downloaded the app and will use it tomorrow. The picture below shows proof that I jumped on board.

You can do the same with your prospects, customers and colleagues. Help them see that by giving up a little control they gain more of it back with the benefits your solution provides. Identify that common (familiar) behavior that gives comfort. Connect the dots to see how that gives a sense of control. Show how your solution requires giving up some control but yields more of it in return.


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