The Hidden Persuasion Secrets Of Pizza

The Hidden Persuasion Secrets Of Pizza

In the midst of the chaos we forgot about dinner. Play dates, appointments and random errands kept us all busy.  We had no leftovers in the fridge and it’s too late to make something from scratch. Like many American families, we opt for the easy solution.

We order pizza.

As healthy conscious eaters we hate falling back on pizza. Despite our healthy ways, we cave in three or four times a month. Sometimes super easy wins out over healthy. It makes the kids happy too.

There’s something magical about pizza for dinner. It hits us on so many levels. What makes it the go to meal when you’re on the go or just unprepared. Why do we turn to it so often? Sure, it tastes good. That’s not enough. Lots of food tastes good. What else makes it such a compelling choice?

As marketers, sales people or persuaders we’d be wise to emulate the benefits of a pizza pie.

Pizza taps three powerful impulses.

Trigger Insatiable Desire

The mere sight and smell trigger those feel good chemicals that make it irresistible. We feel excitement, desire and a craving to dive in. It takes an iron will to resist a slice of pizza just out of the oven.

Lesson: Trigger an insatiable desire for your product or solution and you can overcome almost any hurdle.

The Lure Of A Great Deal

I spent thirteen dollars on a large pie (plus tip). That pie fed our family of four. Where else can you order in dinner for such a low price? I get more benefit from a pizza pie than I spend to buy it. Each of us eats two slices so there’s no waste. Even if we do leave over a slice we can reheat it the next day. Ordering Chinese food or sandwiches and salads leaves us with a problem. Those leftovers sit in the fridge for days before we finally throw it out. They lose their tastiness the next day.

Lesson: Does your prospect feel she gets more value than what she spends? Will she walk away thinking she gets the better end of the deal? When I spend thirteen dollars on a pizza pie I get a lot of bang for my buck. When I spend close to forty on other takeout options, I feel like I throw away money.


Zero thinking required. Ordering is simple. No utensils needed. You grab a slice and eat. Plus, the cleanup is a snap. My family eats pizza at the table with plates. In a bind, however, you can eat standing up with just a napkin.  All these benefits make pizza such a popular food choice at parties.

Lesson: Simplicity wins over complexity, now so more than ever. Is your solution easy to grasp? Does it require a lot of thinking or decision making? With pizza your decision is made for you. You only need to decide on the toppings.

Triggering an insatiable desire, a great deal and simplicity made pizza an American pastime.  What if your business mirrored those same benefits?


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