My Late Night Purchase. Here’s How They Got Me To Buy… While I Was In Bed

My Late Night Purchase. Here’s How They Got Me To Buy… While I Was In Bed

My heart pounded with excitement. Finally, a solution to my problem. It’s minutes before 11:00 PM. I could wait until the morning. It’s the weekend. It won’t ship until Monday anyway.

“Screw it. I can’t wait.”

My wife complained about using the computer in our bed. I ignored her. I powered through the slow website and completed my purchase.

For my entire life, I’ve been a horrible sleeper. Even as a child I struggled with sleep. I’m always on the lookout for new products that improve sleep.

Almost always, they disappoint. That never seems to dampen my enthusiasm for something new. You might call that desperation. It might be, but can you blame me?

Whenever something moves me to act like this, I take a deep dive. I want to find out what motivated me to buy. Keep in mind, I wasn’t looking for a solution. I wasn’t searching through Google looking for sleep remedies.

The Email That Triggered A Craving

Something in that email triggered a desire in me. It snapped me out of my normal routine and got me to buy late at night.

What got me to click on the link in the email? It came from BulletProof. They’re the ones famous for BulletProof coffee.

Here’s what got my attention:

“Have you tried Bulletproof Sleep Mode yet? It’s getting great reviews…backed by the latest science.

…measure your sleep before and after – I’m pretty sure you’ll notice the difference right away

I paraphrased those words from the email. I pulled out the relevant parts. They did three things well. They made one mistake. Did you notice it?

Attention Getting Question

The opening question drew my attention. It singles out people who struggle with sleep.

Social Proof

“Getting great reviews”

That statement piqued my interest. Great reviews? Maybe it’s working for other people like me?

Hints At Something New

“Backed by the latest science” added more curiosity. Latest is the key word there. It implies there’s something new that I may not know. A skeptical person might question that line. Someone desperate for a solution, like me, interprets it in a positive way. Why? We’re desperate. We want it to work.

Confidence, Authority

Finally, measure your sleep before and after implies confidence and authority. If I measure my sleep before and after it demonstrates the effectiveness. Demonstrations are the top of the pecking order when it comes to proof.

Uh Oh, He Screwed Up

The one flub in the email is in the last line. He writes “I’m pretty sure you’ll notice the difference right away.”

“I’m pretty sure” is one of those qualifiers that weakens your persuasiveness. I would have come out more forceful. By that point, it didn’t matter. They already sold me.

I clicked on the link. They brought me to the sales page.  I ignored the sales material. Why bother? I already decided to buy. I didn’t want to read anything that might change my mind.

Was It Really That Good?

Here’s a subtle, but critical point. It doesn’t take much to sell me a product in this market.

The piece that made it a sure thing is the positioning. It’s new. I never tried anything like it before. The “newness” inspires hope that it might work. Hope is the most powerful motivator.

If I struggled with occasional sleep issues or minor issues, he would have had to work a lot harder to sell me. It’s the difference between being a persuader and a cheerleader. You can read about that here.




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