Imagine getting a call from a prospect, hearing that desperate tingle in their voice.

I just received this from your company. This is exactly what we need. When can you come by?”

That’s the power of a well crafted persuasive communication. The secret lies in understanding the hidden desires and undisclosed fears of your prospect. Then, crafting a message that exploits time tested strategies and the latest advances in the understanding of psychology.

Do it right, and  you hold the power to command attention. When you hold the power to command attention, you gain the opportunity to persuade and tap into that unmet desire waiting to be fed.

Brand-management campaigns or snazzy marketing material on high-gloss thick stock paper don’t give you this power. Whether your medium of choice is video, audio or a good ole letter does not matter. The medium carries your message but nobody will hand over a big check just because you paid a fortune to make a video.

It starts with thorough research.  Precise messaging focuses on your prospect. Ruthless editing brings it together. Only then can you persuade, influence and sell.

I invite you to take a tour through my site and devour my articles. Get a glimpse at some of the powerful techniques I put into practice.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll discover:
  • The single most powerful persuasion technique nobody ever talks about
  • How to challenge someone’s (negative) belief about your product without angering or insulting them
  • The impossible task of changing someone’s mind… and the unusual alternative that gets you to the same finish line
  • How to create a three minute window of intense anticipation… leaving your prospect open to your suggestions
  • The two word phrase that gives you a free pass to write something obnoxious
  • The persuasion lesson Thomas Jefferson wrote about in the Declaration of Independence. If it was good enough to convince the colonies to revolt…
  • How to write a powerful sales bullet to sell anything
  • Why convincing ALWAYS fails to persuade… and what really gets people to buy into your idea
  • How to stealth sell and avoid sounding “salesy” (This also creates 2nd chance opportunities if you fail to close on the first attempt)
  • The simple timing issue that leads to rejection of your marketing message
  • How to craft a hero’s story and compel prude prospects to get off their ass. (This simple technique took 17 years to perfect)
  • Why your prospects refuse to break bad commitments… and how to finally motivate them to cut the cord
  • Three lessons from door to door Christmas Carolers that explain 99% of prospect ghosting (a prospect who disappears even after they express interest)

Partnership Opportunities

I work with outside clients that fit a narrow band. If you are interested in working with me, please review the criteria below. If this matches what you’re looking for, please contact me by email – [barry] [@] [writtenpersuasion] [.com]:

  1. Asset Management, Investment Firms – People or organizations that manage money and investments. 
  2. Desire to incorporate direct response type marketing to targeted prospects
  3. Willingness to confidentially share market intelligence – Research is the foundation of any campaign. Without it, my effort and your time become worthless
  4. Give me your toughest challenges. I want the one you haven’t been able to crack. The one you’ve given up on. If you need a simple form letter to go out to the entire world, then I am not your guy
  5. I don’t write “corporate-ized” marketing letters. Expect something you’ve never seen before

If we’re not a fit I invite you to subscribe to my blog or follow me on medium.com. I share a lot of knowledge for the benefit of other writers and business owners. It is my hope that you benefit from this and even improve on it. None of us have a monopoly on knowledge, skill or excellence. We all benefit from the exchange of ideas, information and experience.

Barry J Davret